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EC21(Excellent Company)

Established in Japan in 1964, ORIX Corporation has been offering diversified financial services with the philosophy “Answers, Custom Fit”. Besides equipment and passenger car leasing, ORIX Corporation has recently launched large projects related to real estate development, aquarium operation, environment and energy services, etc. However, ORIX Corporation started to develop the Taiwanese market as early as 1982. It now has businesses in equipment leasing, passenger car leasing, NPL, insurance agency, etc. and continues to leverage Group’s global resources to develop other businesses in the Taiwanese market.


ORIX Corporation was established on April 17, 1964 in Osaka, Japan as Orient Leasing Co., Ltd. by three trading companies and five banks. During the fast-growing period in Japan, ORIX introduced "leasing", a unique and innovative financial tool in Japan as a pioneer to lay the foundation of development in the ORIX Corporation. Under the outstanding leadership of second President Tsuneo Inui, ORIX Corporation successfully achieved skyrocketing performance and constant expansion of the service branches as the economy grew.


Although the Japanese economy was affected by the oil crisis, ORIX Corporation continued to offer diversified products and services, launching relevant businesses including ship leasing, aircraft leasing and real estate finance.

  • In 1972, ORIX Alpha Corporation was established (distribution services as key leasing clients).
  • In 1973, ORIX Auto Leasing Corporation was founded (now ORIX Auto Corporation).
  • In 1976, ORIX Rentec Corporation was founded.
  • In 1979, ORIX Credit Corporation was established, creating a new milestone of individual services for ORIX Corporation.
  • ORIX started active overseas expansion, starting by its first overseas' establishment in 1971 in Hong Kong;
  • In 1972, Singapore branch was created.
  • In 1973, Malaysia branch was created.
  • In 1974, USA branch was created.
  • In 1975, Indonesia and Korea branches were created.
  • In 1977, Philippines branch was created.
  • In 1990, Taiwan branch (Taipei) was created.


New entrants and competition within the leasing industry increased; Yoshihiko Miyauchi became ORIX's President and CEO in 1980 and placed increased emphasis on strengthening synergies among Group companies. ORIX focused on cross selling a variety of products and services to clients and emphasized on knowledge sharing and cooperation between teams in the Group.

ORIX started to adopt a M&A-based operations strategy; investment was made to ORIX Securities Corporation (former Akane Securities K.K.) and ORIX Estate Corporation (former ORIX Ichioka Corporation) in 1986.

  • In 1988, ORIX acquired one of the twelve professional baseball teams in Japan, becoming the owner of ORIX Buffaloes baseball team.
  • In 1989, to meet the requirement of international and diversified financial service and further solidify and strengthen the business connection between each corporation in the Group, ORIX introduced the Group CI. The name “Oriental Leasing Co., Ltd.” was also changed into “ORIX Corporation”.


Despite the poor operating condition of financial institutions after the collapse of Japan's bubble economy, ORIX continued to further develop its business. In 1991, ORIX Life Insurance Corporation was established and ORIX entered the life insurance business.
(acquired the Japanese operations of United of Omaha Life Insurance Company of the United States)

  • In 1997, ORIX set up a joint-venture with Banc One of the United States, launching its mortgaged-backed securities in the United States.
  • In 1990, ORIX Real Estate Corporation was established to specialize in residential and commercial real estate development.
  • On Sep. 16, 1998 ORIX was successfully listed in the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IX).

  • In 2000, ORIX started to get involved in business reengineering project;
  • In 2003, ORIX M&A Solutions was proposed for its investment banking business.
  • In 2006, ORIX purchased the U.S. investment bank Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin
  • In 2002, ORIX set up ORIX Environmental Resources Management Corporation, an energy-saving organization, to provide clients with energy conservation and carbon reduction planning services.

Retail Financial services: Leverage Internet and call centers to offer new products and services to clients directly, reducing cost and improving convenience.
Actively develop “Solution Business” to provide solutions for clients.


ORIX’s niche is to be ahead of peers and develop new businesses;
ORIX continues to pursue new businesses and opportunities following the innovative and diversified policy;
ORIX improves company’s value by providing an array of financial products and services needed by clients.