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Energy Technology Service (ESCO)

ORIX’s energy technology service (ESCO) improves energy use to help corporate reduce energy cost. Clients don’t need to pay any improvement cost. Instead, the cost will be paid by energy cost savings and will be amortized over multiple periods.

Applicable Equipment
  • Equipment
  • Energy consumption systems
    (lighting, air-conditioning, air compressor, steam, vacuum, power)
Targets of Energy Conservation Services
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Public facilities
    (hospitals, sports facilities, schools)
ESCO vs. Traditional Lump Sum Contract Work
  Traditional project ESCO model
System capability Often with excessive design Customizable, in accordance with actual demand
Construction No special requirements The following M & V will be taken into consideration
Capital Fully covered by owner No capital required
Equipment choice Depending mainly on vendor partnership Depending mainly on performance and efficiency
System acceptance In accordance with sourcing spec Included for adjustment and balance to achieve optimization
Maintenance Owner’s responsibility (with warranty) Active intervention model
Energy-saving benefits Owner; no performance guaranteed. Sharing; performance guaranteed.
Energy consumption basis No special requirements Need to be established and factor in adjustment factors
Core technology Planning design and construction Diagnostics analysis and improvement
Project type Mainly newly-built systems Mainly existing system improvement