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Corporate Philosophy

The Origin of ORIX

Origin of ORIX

The first letter of "ORIX" expresses the originality in "Original" and "X", which stands for flexibility and diversity. "ORIX" expresses the corporation's positive attitude "to persevere in exploration and innovation with a forward-looking vision" and its corporate philosophy of "the organic integration of enterprises within the corporation". The slanted lines in the logo stand for the corporation and stand for the great ambition that each person in the corporation will unite to strive for the same goals and work hand in hand for a brighter future. The image of a sphere within those lines stands for the "earth" and represents the determination to create an internationalized conglomerate.


Brand Statement of ORIX




Despite the change of time, one core value that has always been upheld by ORIX is “Thinking about how to achieve goals” with positive attitude. To meet clients’ diversified needs, every employee in ORIX has always been looking for breakthroughs and changes until he/she finds the best answer. ORIX is committed to serve clients with the brand statement “Answers, Custom Fit”.