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Car Leasing

Corporate Long-Term leasing / Personal Long-Term Leasing

Corporation benefits are maximized with car leasing. All trivial tasks are handled by professionals to save you from unnecessary troubles and risks.

Car leasing is the most wise choice for business.

Advantages of Car Leasing
Customized VIP Service
Non- listing of Fixed Assets and Increasing Return of Assets
Highest Quality Maintenance Service
Cost Saving of Manpower and Administrative Management
Comprehensive Insurance Planning Service Gives You Absolute Peace of Mind
Confidential ID and Decreasing Car Accident Dispute
365 Days Customers Service
Monthly Report of Vehicle Management
Expenses Listing for Effective and Legal Tax Saving
Substitute Vehicles Offered Continuously
Reduction of Corporate Expenses and Flexible Capital Use
Traffic Ticket Paying Service Gives You Matchless Convenience
Simplified Budget and Easy Cost Control